Skilling Up: A Small Price to Pay to Achieve Giant Success Rates for Your Company

Would you let someone who had never been to medical school operate on you? Would you let someone who never spent a day in law school represent you in a court of law? Or would you let an unlicensed electrician rewire your house? Of course not. Yet more than 90% of users purchase IT solutions without investing in training. And this oversight can leave a company’s health and well-being exposed.



With everything around us moving so rapidly, it’s a challenge to keep up on training, but not to keep up- would be like agreeing to check out. The important thing is to keep learning and assimilating information. In talking to the DNS architect of one of the largest companies in the world, he said it best; "A Well-Trained DNS Architect Builds Savings Into Your Bottom Line." His particular story is interesting because in the company’s original purchase of Infoblox solutions, training was not purchased. The company had large goals but were not realizing them because they were trying to learn the solution on their own. Nearly one year later, they took their first class and started to understand “what’s been happening.” This company now has one of the largest deployments and in a recent interview stated:

“DNS is the air our network breathes, and when it goes away, the network can die in a heartbeat—even if the servers, switches, routers, and circuits are all working. Infoblox keeps us breathing.”

— DNS Architect


In talking to a number of customers, training is often not included and here are some considerations for making decisions about Infoblox training.


Why You Should Invest in Infoblox Solutions Training

Investment in DNS solutions continues to accelerate at a pace beyond the enterprise software industry average of roughly 3%. As the DNS Architect from one of the largest companies in the world says ““We couldn’t function without our Infoblox Grid.™” This is due largely to the ability of these solutions to make our customers’ lives easier.


Yet despite the proven value of our solutions, many organizations under invest in product training and education for their Infoblox solutions, especially compared to their training investment in IT projects that yield a lower ROI such as network and database administration. Education plays a key role in helping organizations derive maximum benefit from data integration solutions such as Infoblox. Here’s why:


Cost Savings

Using trained internal full-time employees to assist in administration and development as opposed to outside contractors is significantly more cost effective for most projects, especially those that require additional work after the initial implementation.


Risk Mitigation

Typically, when you first implement new software, your productivity drops by 25% while you are learning the new features of the product. Guessing how to use the software and reading the manuals to learn the features is slow and frustrating…and dangerous. Can you imagine if you went to the dentist and he pulled out a manual while filling your cavity? I guarantee you the results would not be pleasant! Check out this classic video which illustrates the point. Proper training is designed to close skill gaps, increase proficiency, and eliminate the pain. Proper training ensures you will reap the benefits of your IT solution investment. It’s like an insurance policy for your data and other key IT assets.


We know the challenges of implementing new technology and the good news is that it can be done. Partnering with the right resource for training is key. Infoblox training is a small price to pay to achieve giant success rates for your company. Here is a link to learn more about the Infoblox Education Service offering.

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Industry research has also shown that it can take up six time longer for an employee without training to master a skill or domain

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