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Together is Power – MPOWER 2017 Wrap Up

The one thing that was loud and clear at McAfee’s cybersecurity conference MPOWER 2017 (formerly called FOCUS) was that you can’t fight against cybercrime alone. It takes a village. A village of people determined to stay vigilant and continuously work to improve their security posture. A village of security tools that seamlessly interoperate with each other sharing intelligence to optimize the threat defense lifecycle – be in on-premises or in the cloud.


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The need for Automation and Orchestration


86% of IT managers believe there is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals according to a recent ISACA global cybersecurity status report. In addition, silos between teams (like network and security) inhibit an organization’s capability to respond effectively to an ever-increasing amount of attacks. So what organizations lack in terms of manpower, they can make up through automation and orchestration, so that all their tools work together as one open ecosystem. 


What does Together is Power mean for Infoblox and McAfee?


Infoblox and McAfee have partnered to bring together the power of DNS, web and endpoint security at MPOWER 2017 and eliminate silos between networking and security tools and provide that automation and orchestration. Infoblox is the market leader in DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) but also provides robust DNS security capabilities which plugs into the broader security ecosystem.


The joint solution includes various points of interoperability:


  • Infoblox DDI and ActiveTrust with McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) – The McAfee certified solution provides visibility into network and security events detected by Infoblox to other ecosystem tools through DXL topics, enabling them to trigger response to these events as needed.
  • Infoblox DDI and ActiveTrust with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) – The joint integration enables security operations team to analyze and correlate networking and security events detected by Infoblox and use the context snapshot provided by Infoblox to prioritize response.
  • Infoblox ActiveTrustwith McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service and Global Threat Intelligence - The integration of Infoblox ActiveTrustÒ Cloud, McAfee Web Gateway Cloud service and McAfee Global Threat Intelligence(GTI) unifies domain blocking and HTTP security to provide broader protection for mutual customers.

This solution note provides more about details the Infoblox and McAfee joint solution.


Infoblox wins SIA Most Innovative Partner Award


While there were many innovative and interesting vendors at the show pushing the forefront of security, we are super excited to have won the SIA Most Innovative Partner award at the show. DNS security is one of those areas that has often fallen in between the cracks of siloed teams. I had several security professionals stop by our booth who were eager to learn more about DNS security so that they can go back and connect with their teams managing DNS and influence them to invest in DNS security.

 SIA partner Award.png


Key Takeaways


    • The keynotes were insightful and what stood out the most was what Brian Krebs, the investigative journalist most famously known for his cybercrime blog – Kerbs on Security, said. He said that it takes a lot of guts to accept the fact that your organization is already breached because most often than not, that is the case. So it is no longer about prevention, it is about detecting those breaches as fast as you can and taking action.
    • Four essentials of security that you cannot afford to ignore:
      • Automation and Orchestration – because it really does take a village
      • Analytics – without which it becomes impossible to detect zero-day threats
      • Threat Intelligence – often from multiple credible sources that span various categories of threats
      • Management – unified way to manage and control your security tools

Infoblox is excited to be part of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance program enabling our joint customers to share intelligence between our solutions to resolve threats faster, reduce risk and improve the efficiency of security operations.

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