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Deleting records from file

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I have the need to cancel some 400 record (fixed address , A records , PTR records etc .. ) and I would not delete them manually from the web interface, there is a way to remove them from the command line from a file ? Thanks for any suggestions. best refards adf


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Have you considered using a PERL script using our PERL API?  You can find all our scripts here: or here:



Re: Angelo,

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Hello Eric


This two Links are not working. Can you help me, please?


Best Regards, Giovanni

Re: Angelo,

MRichard Community Manager
Community Manager
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Can you describe what problem you need to solve? It might be better to start a new thread, as this one is three years old.


In reference to the original question, it can be done with API but you would also need to identify which records get deleted, with API. 


It can also be done with CSV, using a file that contains the list of records that need to be deleted, and running it as a "DELETE" job.


But please be warned, with both options there is not an "UNDO" option.  Whereas if you delete through the gui, deleted records will be moved to the recycle bin where they can be restored if needed.

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