Infoblox access via Tapatalk

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Would it be possible to allow Tapatalk or a similar app access into the Infoblox forums?  Even an Infoblox specific app would be welcome.  I would love to be able to read the forums easily on my phone.  Yes, I do understand that I can read the forum on my phone via the browser.  However that is difficult to use and read.


Re: Infoblox access via Tapatalk

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 With the release of this new community site/platform, you can actually access it via mobile-friendly version.  It's been optimized for you to view on a tablet or phone via the "mobile" version or "full" version if you prefer while on your mobile device.  Let us know what you think!



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Re: Infoblox access via Tapatalk

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The new mobile version rocks! So easy to use and navigate the forums!

Thanks Eric!
Steve S.
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