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Advanced DNS Protection is Now Available for Organizations of All Sizes

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection now defends organizations of all sizes against a wide range of DNS attacks


Infoblox Inc
., the network control company that provides Actionable Network Intelligence, today announced its flagship product for infrastructure protection, Advanced DNS Protection, is now available as a virtual offering with software subscription pricing.


With the release of the subscription based software ADP option, Infoblox now offers a portfolio of ADP enabled physical and virtual appliances to protect against a wide range of DNS based attacks in organizations of all sizes. These DNS attacks can directly impact network, application and service availability resulting in loss of revenue and often damaging the reputation of the impacted organizations. Infoblox ADP protects against DNS volumetric attacks and exploits such as DDoS, amplification, reflection, hijacking, cache poisoning and DNS data exfiltration through known tunnels. 


The key features of ADP include:

  • Infoblox Threat Adapt™ technology to deliver Actionable Network Intelligence: Automatically update protection against new and evolving threats using up-to-date threat intelligence, and morph protection to reflect changes in DNS configuration— without downtime or patching.
  • Global visibility of attacks: Stay on top of attack types and sources leveraging Infoblox Reporting and Analytics.
  • Tunable traffic thresholds: Fine-tune protection parameters.
  • Enhanced processing: Leverage next-generation programmable processors to provide dedicated compute for threat mitigation.
  • An extensive family of deployment options: Choose from advanced physical appliances or as a software add-on to physical and virtual Trinzic appliances.
  • Flexible options for POC/trial: Deploy in line in monitor mode to detect and monitor attacks without actually blocking, or deploy out of band using port mirroring to detect attacks.
  • Patented Infoblox Grid™: Automate appliance configurations and updates, enabling rapid, automated security policy rollout to all Infoblox Advanced Appliances connected by Grid technology.

Key business benefits of Infoblox ADP:

  • Reduce DNS service disruptionby maintaining application and service availability
  • Adapt to evolving threatswith a pre-packaged set of threat protection rules
  • Utilize data for threat managementand view attack patterns and sources
  • Reduce burden on budget with subscription-based pricing which shifts from paying all costs upfront into digestible price points

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