Building a Platform for the Future of Networking

Today’s changing markets, evolving customer needs, and accelerated technology lifecycles are driving businesses to develop and deliver their applications in the cloud. Organizations appreciate the time-to-market, flexibility and scale benefits offered by the cloud. These allow for simplified access to applications, the ability to deploy and adopt new technologies faster, and the ability to consume services as needed.


As the leader in DDI with 51.7 percent market share per IDC, Infoblox is leading the way in delivering multiple on-premise or cloud-based network services managed from a common SaaS platform. The BloxOne platform is a microservices-based cloud-native platform developed to deliver network services at scale. Organizations will no longer be constrained by factory delivered hardware or by the need to add new appliances for additional services. At the same time, the platform’s hybrid architecture delivers the best of both worlds – agility and responsiveness of an on-premise deployment supplemented by the flexibility and elastic scale of the cloud. In addition to the administrative efficiency of central policy-based management, its ability to scale seamlessly as needs change reduces risk and saves time and money.


The BloxOne Threat Defense security offering is the first subscription service developed on the BloxOne Platform. It blocks DNS-based data exfiltration and stops malware communications with command-and-control servers, and automatically prevents access to content not in compliance with policy using a combination of reputation and machine learning based analytics. It also shares intelligence and indicators of compromise with an enterprise’s existing security infrastructure for orchestration and faster remediation. Threat Defense leverages the BloxOne Platform to analyze billions of threat indicators, run machine learning algorithms, detect zero-day threats, and scale seamlessly as the number of devices in a network grow.


Infoblox is taking its customers and networking solutions to the next level by migrating the development and delivery of its solutions to cloud-native formats offering customers the latest features with simplified management and a flexible consumption model. Customers can rest assured that Infoblox meets their current and future needs whether they deploy products on premises in a physical or virtual form factor or consume services completely in the cloud.

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