Flexible Pricing/Licensing for Infoblox Appliances

We know every business has limited IT budgets and other constraints. For many companies it’s more feasible to pay for a recurring operational expense over time than finding budget for an upfront capital expense. That’s why we are introducing subscription licensing for Infoblox appliances. With this addition, you can license Infoblox appliances two ways: perpetual or subscription. You also can choose from different tiers of subscription-based maintenance.


So, how does subscription-licensing work? Simple. You pay once a year for the software subscription and deploy the software on physical, virtual or cloud environments. The subscription model makes it easy for you to migrate from physical to virtual to cloud deployments – and back again, if needed – all under the same software license. For those of you who already have perpetual software licenses, you can continue this model with all the new Physical and Virtual Appliances, or choose to license the software as a subscription.


If you’re not familiar with our products, let me back up for a second. Infoblox’s appliances are purpose-built, high-performance hardware devices that form the foundation of a business’s core network services and reporting solutions. Our solutions for DNS, DHCP and IP address management (critical network services collectively known as DDI) work with a variety of physical and virtual appliances – and we offer a range of them to support any size environment. We then link your distributed appliances together with our Infoblox Grid (TM) architecture, to create a unified system that’s easier to manage, scales better and is more resilient to failures.


Now, back to pricing. There’s more good news: you get new and improved appliances with our new subscription licensing options. We’ve just introduced new appliances that offer higher performance and allow you to use services such as logging or analytics without impact to protocol performance.


You know that core network services are mission-critical for your business to ensure network availability and security.   If you are using IAAS platforms such as AWS or Azure, then you’re already familiar with the subscription (Opex-centric) model that doesn’t require the Capex out-lay. We’re support that same trend with our new subscription pricing option.

Subscription pricing is also a way to experiment with new services at a low upfront investment and then scale them up or turn them off, based on your success criteria.


If you’re interested in finding out more, including costs specific to your needs, please contact us.   



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