Getting Your Arms Around Cybersecurity

Sometimes the problem isn’t too little insight into security; it may be too much information about potential security risks. Everyone has heard stories of companies breached, not because they had too little security data, but because the volume of security events and threat data made it difficult to discern what was important.


Organizations should rely on multiple sources of threat intelligence the same as they rely on notification of security events from all across their network – firewalls, endpoints, you name it. The problem then becomes centrally aggregating and normalizing that data from multiple sources and applying it to detections and investigations.


Enterprises need to get better at gathering and acting on threat intelligence within their security infrastructure. Join me on Tuesday, August 23rd for a 45-minute webinar titled “Making Threat Intelligence Actionable Across Your Cybersecurity Infrastructure.” The webinar will help you understand how to bring together cybersecurity data and analyze it even better.


The webinar will reveal:


  • Best practices for investigating, using, and sharing threat intelligence
  • How you can quickly get contextual information from multiple threat intelligence sources 
  • How to transition from an “early adopter” to a “power user” of threat intelligence


Get smarter about all your sources of security data. Register here.

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