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Infoblox NIOS 8.0: Elevate Intelligence and Automation for Your Network

Infoblox runs on NIOS software. This security-hardened system software knits together the Infoblox ecosystem of products and solutions and enables easier integration with IT systems. What’s so great about NIOS 8.0? This is a big release. NIOS 8.0 delivers some key enhancements that will support our customers into the future, as their networks grow and more devices come online.


Most significantly, NIOS 8.0 improves intelligence and automation across hybrid environments, allowing customers to improve user experience and manage the network more efficiently. NIOS 8.0 adds many capabilities to intelligently load-balance application traffic for internal and external users and reduce response times. As an industry first, the software adds elastic scaling for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI). This is the ability to scale up or down DDI capacity automatically according to the needs of the network. NIOS 8.0 has improved its external data and event-sharing interfaces to readily integrate with other systems such as ITSM, SIEM, cloud platforms, network functions virtualization (NFV) and others. NIOS also enhances its predictive reporting and analytics to mine the rich network data for capacity planning, audit, security forensics, web analytics and more.


In addition to the above, NIOS 8.0 brings other key benefits:


  • More integrations, including MS Azure: This release gives customers adopting hybrid clouds the largest ecosystem of integrations for any DDI solution. The Infoblox Grid can now be deployed on a number of hypervisors including VMware ESXi, MS Hyper-V, KVM, Xen and on public clouds like Amazon and MS Azure.
  • Better performance: NIOS 8.0 can run on new appliances recently added to our product lines, which add more than 50% additional performance improvements over the current appliances. They also have significantly more compute and storage headroom to accommodate all the software improvements without impacting protocol performance.
  • Faster application response: Enhancements to our DNS Traffic Control solution direct application traffic to optimal servers for the best application response times. This release offers a tight integration to our authoritative IP address management (IPAM) so location information is automatically associated with IP addresses and networks – important for making load-balancing decisions to further speed up application responses.
  • Deeper insights: NIOS 8.0 adds more capabilities for discovery, analytics and reporting that provide much tighter control and security for the network. You can analyze your DNS traffic for security forensics and application usage, extend network discovery to wireless traffic and manage all assets connected to the network to identify rogue devices quickly. Predictive reporting enhancements offer better capacity management tools for tighter control of your network.
  • Subscription-based pricing and license mobility: Customers now have flexible budgeting options and can seamlessly transfer licenses and simplify enterprise migration from physical to virtual to cloud by using our new subscription based pricing.


Infoblox is way ahead of other DDI solutions that only offer basic DNS, DHCP and IPAM capabilities, which limit customer options for integration with hybrid environments and lack flexibility to meet rapidly changing business demands. For more information about how Infoblox can support your transition to a next-gen environment, contact us.


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