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Security Tools are Enough to Rapidly Respond to Threats. Think Again!

Many security teams have invested in several tools to detect and mitigate threats that may hit their network. If you think that investment is enough for rapid threat containment and remediation, think again.


What these teams are faced with is a flood of alerts from dissimilar sources, from which they have to manually correlate and assemble data. They struggle with poor visibility across an increasingly diverse infrastructure, making it difficult to ensure security and compliance. Silos between network and security ops teams add to the disconnect. All these challenges often lead to rising costs of security operations, making it difficult to recognize, prioritize and contain threats before it is too late.


To help overcome these operational challenges and automate threat containment and remediation, Infoblox and Cisco have come together to automatically share information through pxGrid, Cisco’s unique data exchange standard. Infoblox publishes valuable network data to enrich the ISE database and also publishes detected indicators of compromise for further analysis and remediation by 3rd party partners that integrate with pxGrid. Infoblox also subscribes for user identity data available via ISE to enhance the IPAM database. This combination of identity context from ISE together with context around malware hits that Infoblox detects helps provide security teams with actionable network intelligence to prioritize, see and stop threats faster.


Join Infoblox and Cisco at 10:00 am Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 5th for a webinar, “Why Information Sharing is Critical for Easing Security Operations”, co-sponsored by SC magazine. You will learn about:


* DNS: Why it’s being used as a control plane by malware and ransomware

* How siloed security operations are impeding effective defense

* How Cisco ISE and Infoblox use automated information exchange to see and stop threats faster

To register for the webinar, click here.

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