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Why Customers Benefit From Subscription Solutions Versus Perpetual Solutions

The shift to using software-as-a-service (SaaS) models to enable network security is gaining momentum on a global scale. However, making sense of the SaaS security landscape can be challenging. As they consider their options, organizations worldwide can ensure more effective implementations by considering the many benefits of transitioning their solution implementations to a SaaS model.


According to market research firm IDC, spending on public cloud infrastructure will increase more than 20 percent per year through 2020. Sixty percent of that growth is predicted to come from SaaS solutions specifically. 1 Increasingly, the as-a-service movement is beginning to envelop specialized disciplines, including network security.


To provide greater value to customers, Infoblox is transitioning to providing purely subscription solutions. Here aresome of the many benefits of subscription.


No More End of Life (EOL) and Cost Savings


Asubscription solution means no more end of life (EOL) for customers. The biggest complaint fromcustomers is that they have to deal with EOL announcements every four to six years. This means that customers need to re-purchase everything due to an inflexible licensing model. With a subscription model, customers will save potentially thousands of dollars and will always have the latest technology to run without having to re-purchase.




A subscription model allows for elasticity, and it eliminates the need to “over build” for anticipated or future growth. A subscription simply requires a license key change when customers grow and/or need to reduce capacity.




A subscription solution gives customers portability. As technology and businesses needs change, Infoblox licenses can now be transferred or moved to the cloud, Kubernetes, Docker or any other technology effortlessly.


Agility and Scaling


Customers with subscription models benefit from agility and scaling. They no longer feel hand-cuffed as changes occur and they have many more options.


About Infoblox Subscription Solutions


To learn more about Infoblox subscription solutions, visit the Infoblox website or contact an Infoblox representative today.




1 IDC Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide, July 2017

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