2 Infoblox in Grid Master and DNS Zones

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I am writing to you because I may not have understood how a Grid Master works. Indeed, currently I have 2 Infoblox that I put in a Grid (with a master and another). What I want at the DNS level (without a "HA PAIR") is that they contain the same zones and records. Thus, if one modifies the master this one will send the modifications to the level of the other. At the same time, if the master falls, would the other possess the information “locally”? Is it possible to achieve this?





Re: 2 Infoblox in Grid Master and DNS Zones

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If I understand you correctly, you have 2 Infoblox Appliances in a Grid ( 1 Grid Master and 1 Grid Member), and I believe both are serving DNS.


Now to achieve your requirement, say you have a zone "", in its Name Servers section you can add one of your DNS Servers (say the Grid Master) as the Grid Primary and the other (say Grid Member) as a Grid Secondary.


This way, when you Add a new record or make changes to the Zone, these will be replicated by the Grid Primary (Grid Master in our example) to the Grid Secondary (Grid Member) either via Grid Replication or Zone Transfer. 


In either case, if one of the two DNS Servers, either the Grid Primary or the Grid Secondary, were to go offline for some reason, the remaining DNS Server would be able to answer your Client queries, as it will have an authoritative copy of the Zone data.


You can refer to the "Specifying Secondary Servers" section of NIOS Administrator Guide for reference. 


Hope this helps.



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