Academic Paper - Understanding the Infoblox Model

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I am a third year student conducting research on digital networks and I wanted to get a better understanding of your business model. I understand the broader function of your core business, DDI, but have struggled to grasp the competitive dynamics and how your core offering differs from a consumer product.
For instance, from my understanding your DNS service is integrated into an enterprise and handles all network communication. Does Infoblox then more broadly serve general consumers as well or would the DNS service required to access a website on my phone be provided by someone else, if so who and through what (e.g. my router, etc.). If this is the case, are you focused on a particular niche as such your are not exposed to the competitive threats of a consumer facing DNS provider?
How does your product differ from a Company like Dyn, who recently experienced a DDoS attack. Would Infoblox have been able to withstand such an attack? On the note of security, how would a breach impact Infoblox as a business, would customers perceive the firm negatively, driving lower sales and have there ever been any historical breaches? Thanks!

Re: Academic Paper - Understanding the Infoblox Model

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Infoblox focuses primarily on enterprise customers. Plesae see our website for more information and any clarifications required. 

Check out our new Tech docs website for latest documentation on Infoblox products.
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