Anycast IP address on Multiple GRID

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Hi Guys,


Newbie here, i would like to know if is it possible to applied an Anycast IP address for Multi-Grid ? so each Grid will be configured with the same Anycast address.

Let's say i have 2 different Grid and Anycast Address:


1. GRID A with 4 Appliances (1 GM + 3 Member) - Production

2. GRID B with 4 Appliances (1 GM + 3 Member) - Brand New

3. Anycast Address :


Actually i could merge both GRID into 1 GRID by letting GM on GRID B to become a GMC for GRID A and the rest of Member for GRID B rejoin to GM on GRID A. At last, there will be 1 GRID left only.


Apprectiate for all of you






Re: Anycast IP address on Multiple GRID

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Hello Ramadian,


Sounds like Multi-Grid Manager Administrator Guide should have the information that you're looking for. Let me know if you have questions.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

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