Anycast using EIGRP redistribution?

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Hi all,

We are testing DNS Anycast using OSPF;  However, we have legacy portions of our network that don't run OSPF, but run EIGRP.  Has anyone had any experience with redistributing DNS Anycast from OSPF to EIGRP and then back?  Any issues?




Not quite what you are

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Not quite what you are looking for but we use OSPF for anycast DNS and NTP within regions, but redistrubute between regions via BGP.

Our only issue is with costing in BGP.  We have issues where the "clostest" via RTT is not the clostest cost via BGP and we had no easy way to fix it.

Things like our South Amerian sites perfer our Europe or Asia anycast during a failure instead of the lowest RTT of the US anycast instances.  But functionally, we have seen no issues with the anycast and a combination of BGP and OSPF, BGP just has some limitations in our environmet in controlling where we would like some things to fail between regions.

that's what we are looking at

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That's exactly what we're thinking of doing, with EIGRP within regions.  Thanks for the heads up!

This is exactly what we do.

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We have been redistributing OSPF into EIGRP for this very reason.

EIGRP config snippet: redistribute ospf myOspfInstance route-map ospf_to_eigrp

We use the route-map ospf_to_eigrp to limit the redistribution to the /32 host routes for all the anycast addresses we have configured and deny everything else.   

I has been working for 3 years with no issues.   

If you want specific configurations drop me an email:



Hi Jason,

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Hi Jason, I also have same requirement. I wan to run Anycast for DNS and NTP services in my network using Infoblox. I would like to use BGP peering between Infoblox and my core switches. It will be an EBGP peering. Once the BGP comes up, I will advertise the anycast IP address for DNS and NTP services in the BGP process at Infoblox. Once I learn the DNS and NTP anycast in my core switch then it will be advertized in BGP to WAN routers. WAN routers at this site will be in MSDP peering with other datcenters MSDP WAN routers. finally, remote sites should be able to reach to the nearest/closest DNS and NTP server for the requests. I never logged in to Infoblox, an you please assist here.

Re: This is exactly what we do.

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Can you share the command line for your route map and how you applied it to redistribute into EIGRP?

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