Automatically selecting member assignment and discovery before CSV import

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I just added 504 networks via CSV import and I was wondering is it possible to have members selected and discovery to be on automatcically for all these subnets? or do i need to set each up manually after importing? 



Re: Automatically selecting member assignment and discovery before CSV import

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Hello Joe,


 I can't find a preview of the screenshot that you've uploaded. But from what I understood, all what you have to do is, use the same CSV file with additional fields "discovery_member" & "enable_discovery". Here's an example :





During the import, you may use the option "Override"(As you said those networks to be already imported). This is going to enable Network discovery on those networks which you include in the CSV file & "" is going to be the Network insight member's name in your grid. Now if you also wanted to know how DHCP members could be assigned in bulk, the same sample could be used by modifying the "dhcp_members".


Let me know if you have questions.


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.




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