Best approach to create Network and network-scope

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Hi Team,


Need suggestions on what would be best approach to create network and network-scope.


i have customer network which th multiple branch with each branch having sperate network example 192.168.x.0/24.


They are using Microsoft dhcp, I have to configure centralised DHCP on infoblox.


Think of there option that create network and network scope:


1) It would be good to have one network of and create multiple 192.168.x.0/24 network scope for each branch ?


2) reate multiple network example 192.168.1/17 192.168.64/17 etc and then create network scope under each network?


3) create separate network for each branch wth branch specific network scope?





Re: Best approach to create Network and network-scope

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HI Sachin,


if you want your customer to feel more at home in their new environment it might be appriciated if your new infoblox networks replicate the networks in infoblox.


why nog create a /16 network container for

and in the container create /24 network for each branch

and put the specific ranges needed  in the /24 networks


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