Bloxtools BDK 2.0.0 Beta

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This is the DSK/BDK for creating Bloxtools Snapins as well as developing robust standalone scripts.

Included in this kit:


  • Developer documentation
  • Infoblox: a wrapper for and
  • Infoblox: a wrapper for
  • Scripts for creating a snapin, compatible with snapinstall
  • Scripts for bundling a snapinstall bundle

See docs/index.html for most of the important information.


The BDK can no longer be installed as a Snapin, there is no point.  If you want to see a demo install the workflow Snapin.

Other general information:


This is a Work in Progress, feedback please!

All the libraries and sample files are in snapin-src

If you appreciate my efforts, please give me a kudo ↓ or Accept as solution to help others find it faster.
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