Bulk Conflict Resolve

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I just turned on a NetMRI sync for a single /24 subnet to see what the results would look like, turns out they are ugly.    There are 65 active devices on the subnet but the IP Map view shows over a 100 "red box" conflicts.   The only way I can see to clear these up is one at a time.   If I had to do this for every subnet it would take forever.   Can anyone advise if there is an easier way?  

Re: Bulk Conflict Resolve

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Looking at this objectively, bad data is bad data. So yes you are going to have to recolve each ip address conflict by hand, unless you can identify the root cause of all the conflicts. 


No matter what you do, the conflicts will reappear each time you discover that subnet.


however, you can export the subnet as CSV and use that to make bulk changes to the data set

Re: Bulk Conflict Resolve

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This is a common complaint and there is an enhancement request already logged for this, and it is "under consideration".


Given the complexity of the problems detected, it may not be as easy as you think to "bulk resolve". Suggestions welcome for our product management.

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