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CSV Import Issue

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Running version Version: 7.3.13-352716 and having CSV import issues.  Importing CSV using the following headers.


header-network   EA-Site Code   comment  address*  netmask*   routers


Import stops and I receiive the following error.  This is the first line where I define a router for the subnet.  I have used this format for the last couple of years without issue.  Checked the reference guide and it seemed to suggest substituing EA-Gateway for routers, but then it bombs on the first line.  Looking for some help.  Thanks


 "Line 7:  Insertion aborted due to 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable"


Re: CSV Import Issue

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Hi Michael,


I just imported the below in NIOS version 8.1.1 and did not experience any issues.


header-networkEA-Site Codecommentaddress*netmask*routersEA-CountryEA-Site


I would recommend copying the headers in your csv and their data alone and creating a new csv file and attempt the import again. OR create a new csv file from scratch and attempt the import.


If issues persist you may want to open a case with Infoblox Support, provide your grid backup and the csv import file in question


Best Regards,
Bibin Thomas


Re: CSV Import Issue

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Community Manager
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To add to this- the error message that is returned here implies that there might be an extra comma which is not expected or other syntax error on line # 7.


An easy way to structure the CSV file is to first do an export of one or more networks and remove all of the rows and columns which are not going to be updated and are not required (required columns are annotated with an asterisk character).

With that as a template, you can then add new rows for any network that you are trying to add. Here is a working example to help guide you on this:


network,,,"This is comment field",,Site1



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