Can't access web interface after HA setup

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I'm trying, without any luck, to configure a freshly wiped IB appliance for HA mode. I have two IBs, and ultimately want them in a HA pair. On the first IB I reset the config, went in via the web and setup the 5 IPs for the HA pair. The IB then rebooted, but now I'm totally unable to access the web interface via ANY IP address.


I went in via serial/SSH and did a 'show network'. It shows a VIP of, and local IPv4 address of And it shows as master of Infoblox Grid. However, as I said, neither IP respond via the browser. I did enable the remote console, and that responds on the .13 address. 


I've done this three time (config reset, re-IP, etc.) all with the same results. What's going on? 

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