Can you Solve this?

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From time-to-time I'll get questions from customers directly, and I'll post them for the community to consider and hopefully jump in and respond.  Here's one for you...


"We seem to have an issue with regards to DKIM entries. Can you please help me with the issue of not accepting 2048bits DKIM keys? It just refuses to accept them and turns the entry red."

If you appreciate my efforts, please give me a kudo ↓ or Accept as solution to help others find it faster.

Re: Can you Solve this?

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I found a solution.


Do this:

In bind create this entry.


HOST            TXT     ("v=DKIM1;"






Ensure that no line is longer than 80 characters.


Then import this into Infoblox. Once imported remove the brackets in the edit screen and you are done.


Re: Can you Solve this?

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If I have the zone already imported how do I do ths via the Bind record.

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