Combining Host and Fixed Address Data

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I have imported DNS BIND Data to an Infoblox Grid. Afterwards I have imported DHCP Data of an ISC server from the same network. I thought Infoblox could combine this data. I have now a client with a DNS Host record (IP Address, name) and a fixed IP Adress. The IP Address and the name (including the complete FQDN) are identical, but the Infoblox shows me a separate HOST record and a separate Fixed IP. There is the opportunity in a Host record to offer this host in DHCP. How can I realize this for the whole database while the import process and have only one host record in my Infoblox Database?


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Re: Combining Host and Fixed Address Data

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I do recall running into the same issue.  I do not belive that the DIW will add a fixed address to an existing HOST record.  It is possible that if you did it all in one operation, it might, but I still doubt it.


You might be able to create a CSV Import file that could update the existing HOST.  Look at IPv5 Host Address.  Here, you could update an existing HOST record, adding the MAC address and checking the DHCP checkbox.


Header-HostAddress,parent,     view,   address,       mac_address     ,configure_for_dhcp



It's not ideal, but would work.  If you run it as an update, it'll fail if the host does not exist.  Only other option is to use the API...  I recall our Professional Services engineer had to do this via Perl for our migration.  CSV was not an option as it was not added to the product at the time.

Re: Combining Host and Fixed Address Data

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@JLeveiliee Thank you for your ideas.

We imported thousands of hosts and Fixed Addresses and my aim was to automate this. So there would be the opportunity to automate the csv analysis or to automate this via the API. I have decided to go the 2nd way.

I have written a script, which has a GUI for the definition of the Grid Master and the Network which should be analysed. Then I iterate over every entry. One special thing was the comment field. This is the only thing which can be different on the FA and the Host record. The customer would like to keep booth, so I decided to write both in the comment section of the host.

This script was a part of a migration process for a customer. It is not my decision to offer this script here. Is someone interested in my solution, you can write me or comment this thread.


Only some ideas in which way I have designed my script:

Step 1: Get Network for analysis

Step 2: Get associated zone of the network from step 1

Step 3: Itarate over entries

  a) Search Host record with same IP Address as Fixed Address
  b) Check, if Host record exists and create new Host record if necessary
  c) Add comment to Host record
  d) Add MAC address to Host record
  e) Delete Fixed Address
  f) Enable Host record IP Address for DHCP



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