Combining two Infoblox databases

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Hi all,


Challenge: Combining two Infoblox databases, including all metadata. The principle is that there are no overlaps, not for DNS and not for DHCP. Using the API / scripts / import / DIW / CSV options, it's quite a bit of work and the risk of errors is large. Is there tooling to merge two Infoblox databases?


I have a stand-alone HA pair from which the database must be migrated to an existing Infoblox GRID. One of the challenges: in the existing Infoblox GRID is a zone, in the stand-aline HA several, in which reside PTR (created with HOST) and 'real' PTR RRs.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Combining two Infoblox databases

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Hi Frenec, 


I'll chime in here...


Unfortunately there is not a specific tool for merging two separate Infoblox NIOS databases. This is a task that Professional Services often works on and is not trivial due to many of the complexities you mentioned. 


Leveraging API, CSV, DIW are the methods to accomplish this. There are provisions in the CSV and DIW to merge data which would be helpful and you can also opt to only add "new" data.


I would take the approach of leveraging the global CSV exports in the later 6.12 versions or 7.x versions to export all of the DNS/DHCP/IPAM specific data from the standalone HA pair, then review the data for any obvious necessary ommissions. You can then leverage the CSV import on the existing Grid to pull in the new data.


I would also suggesting testing this out in a lab as you could spin up a temporary VM image and load your production data set to test merging the data before you actual perform this on your production Grid.


I hope that helps and perhaps some others will have additional suggestions!



Steve S.

Re: Combining two Infoblox databases

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Thank you for the elaboration. Indeed I use API, CSV, DIW and for now it seems to do the trick. Another option on my path is a PERL script my collegue wrote/is writing (which will use the database as input/output, instead of DNS or DHCP), but I have to test that first.


Again, thanks for the info!




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