Creating a Secondary Server for an Existing BIND DNS

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We are migrating our External BIND DNS to Infoblox and I would like to do it in such a way as not to impact clients that have been hard-coded with the legacy servers.


My plan was to create a secondary server for the zones hosted in the BIND DNS server and perform a Zone transfer to keep the records up to date. When cutover time comes, can I convert this to a primary and just have the clients use Infoblox as the new server and work through the rest of the hard-coded servers. Is this possible or will there be potential issues when synchronizing with BIND servers?



Re: Creating a Secondary Server for an Existing BIND DNS

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You can't convert a secondary zone to a primary zone.


Given that you want to keep running the old BIND servers on the old addresses even after you make infoblox primary, It is simpler to just import the data to an infoblox primary and convert the BIND servers to secondary (or even caching only) at cutover time.

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