Creating a subdomain when host records already exist

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Hi folks,


I have a lot of host records of the form:


as well as some CNAMEs that look like  CNAME CNAME


etc. is not actually a proper

subdomain.  The host part on these records is

actually www.blah and smile.blah.


What we'd like to do is create a proper subdomain  The question is, what is the easiest

way to proceed?  I assume I will not be able to create

the subdomain as long as the above records exist,

so presumably they have to all be deleted and then

readded.  I'm guessing reconstituting the records using

a CSV that has been modified to account for the new

subdomain would be a good way to accomplish this.


Is there some other approach that would be simpler

or less disruptive (since deleting records means DNS

stops working for this stuff until the records are put

back in place)?


Thanks in advance for any advice,


Re: Creating a subdomain when host records already exist

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Hi Mark,


Subdomains can be created at any time without impacting existing services, though they won't start serving until services are restarted. Records in existing zones that fall under the new zone will be automatically reparented for you, with the one exception that per the DNS specification (RFC), CNAME records cannot share the same name as the zone name.




Re: Creating a subdomain when host records already exist

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I just tested this scenario where I:


1. Created an auth domain called

2. Populated with an A record called and a CNAME pointing to said record called

3. I ran a script to continuously dig the above two records

4. Created a subdomain called

5. As soon as I did this (before even hitting the restart services button) the dig responses failed (which I find odd as it should not do this). After hitting the restart services it started to resolve queries again within 2-5 seconds. 


The end result:

- Creating the subdomain subsumed and auto-created/moved the record under the subdomain. The A record effectively became "smile" under the domain.

- The CNAME obviously remained in the parent domain "" and still points to "", which works just as it should.


Lessons learned:

- There will be a brief outage when creating the new subdomain, until services restart. So you will want to do this after hours obviously

- If you have a lot of these changes to make you'll probably want to automate this via CSV and/or scripts to auto-service restart

- You should consider downstream name servers that cache your previous response. Assuming the target IPs haven't changed, I can't think of any adverse effects this might have. 


Hope this helps.


Re: Creating a subdomain when host records already exist

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Sorry for the lag in responding on this.  Thanks to you both for the response, and I tremendously appreciate the time and energy you (Jasper) spent in responding to this.  Very, very helpful!




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