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DDNS PTR Updates

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In short, I'm hoping for some reason behind DDNS not updating PTR records when a host changes IPs. It suggests in DDNS and infoblox documentation that PTR records should by dynamically updated.


To give a high level of my testnig envrionment and procedure:


  • NIOS 6.12.7-281477
  • The zonesin question are mydomain.com and 10.in-addr.arpa
  • RHEL VM host configured for DHCP
  • VM boots and successfully picks up DHCP address and creates an A and PTR record
  • I move the VM to another switch
  • Restart network services on the VM,VM picks up new address range on the switch of
  • The A record is properly updated, but old PTR record remains
  • I am left with two PTR records (different IPs) pointing to the same myserver.mydomain.com


I currently have the following settings configured/checked for DDNS in the global grid DHCP properties:


  • DDNS TTL: 8 hours
  • Update DNS on DHCP Lease Renewal
  • Generate Hostname if not Sent by Client

I have fiddled around with some of the settings, under Data Management specifically looking through DNS > Grid DNS Properties > UpdatesDHCP > Grid DHCP Properties, and DHCP > Configure DDNS

I feel like I'm missing a configuration item, because DHCP and DDNS are working well outside this one issue. If there is anything I can clarify, I'd be happy to do so.


Thank you,





Re: DDNS PTR Updates

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what is known that you have to upgrade the IOS and scanvenging option enable.  This option will work to update PTR record and delete old one.


Re: DDNS PTR Updates

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Hello, where can i download the NIOS ?

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