DDNS Update only for specific networks

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I've just configured the DDNS update from an Infoblox DHCP to an externale DNS. I've followed the guide and I set the configuration on GRID dhcp level.

But now, we noticed we need the update only for a couple of specific network. What is the fastest way to arrange this configuration?

I saw there is a possibiluty to set DDNS update also for a single network and also we undestarnd how to exclude a network from a grid configuration but if I want to set ddns update only for a network how is it possible?


Thank you,


Re: DDNS Update only for specific networks

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Hey Fabio,


As there are just couple of networks to be enabled for DDNS, the easiest way would definitely be :


Disable DDNS updates currently enabled at the Grid level & then Goto Data management -> DHCP -> Networks -> Networks -> Select the specific network’s DHCP properties -> Select ‘IPv4 DDNS’ -> ‘Override’ the required options to enable them over here & set the domain name for DDNS updates -> Save -> Similarly do it for the other network as well -> Now, as the grid is not authoritative(Primary) for the domain name configured for DDNS updates, ensure that the ‘Configure DDNS’ section in the toolbar has the primary server’s information for the DDNS domain configured -> Restart the DHCP service & lookup the dhcp.conf file to ensure that the DDNS domain name has been updated with the primary server’s address towards the end of the file -> You should be good to go from here.


Important thing to be kept in mind is, you MUST ‘override’ the ‘Enable DDNS Updates’ & the ‘DDNS domain name’ options at the network level for that to be in effect. Make sure that the configured ranges are inheriting the properties from the Network level.


Was this option considered ? If yes, are there any reason why this is not reliable ?


Best regards,

Mohammed Alman.

Re: DDNS Update only for specific networks

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Hello Mohammed, 


Thanks for the fast reply.


Initially I considered this option but I'm not able to understand, for example, how I can assign user and security key in the option you mentioned.


Maybe these information are valid at the grid level also if I remove only the "enable ddns updates" at the grid level ?




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