DHCP options in syslog

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Do the DHCP options provided by the DHCP server to the client show in the DHCP offer or DHCP ack. I don't believe so but his wierd DHCP option "119" in the DHCP offer is listed. Is this a DHCP option or what is it. Sometimes it gets reported as option "120" if the peers serves the lease.


BTW, this is a DHCP FO association.





Re: DHCP options in syslog

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Hello Wasfi,

These options seems to be used by MS Lync phone service.

Does it make sense to you?

You can use traffic capture to check the options requested by the DHCP client.


Re: DHCP options in syslog

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Syslog won’t have the list of options but the packet will. If you do a packet capture you can find that data. Option 119 is domain search list. I’ve seen this requested by Microsoft clients most. The peer DHCP server will not change the option code requested by the client. They are required to be the same. The only real difference between the primary and peer are the values for different options (based on how the servers themselves are configured or based on the nature of the difference between the servers … such as the IP of the DHCP server and perhaps the lease time).
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