DHCP server providing different DNS server than configured

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Hi everyone.


I am facing a problem I thought I would never have. I have the DHCP scope configured with 2 DNS servers IP addresses to provide. But somehow, the computers receive from the DHCP server only 1 DNS server IP different than the ones I configured.


Any idea? Did someone have the same problem?


Thanks in advance


Re: DHCP server providing different DNS server than configured

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There could be a rogue DHCP server configured inside your network that hands out IP addresses with incorrect DNS servers configured in the DHCP options.


To troubleshoot you can look at the interface/network settings on the client side and see if it received its IP lease from the DHCP server that you have configured the scope on.

Secondly you can start a traffic capture on the Infoblox DHCP server and boot up a DHCP client that receives the incorrect DNS servers , when it has received the IP lease and the DHCP options , stop the traffic capture and review what DNS servers the Infoblox DHCP servers has send to client. You can filter the traffic capture for example on the MAC address of the client bootp.hw.mac_addr == <aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff>


You can also contact Infoblox Support to further troubleshoot this issue with your on a phone call or remote session.

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