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DHCP treshhold notification body

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I have configured IPv4 DHCP Threshold Email notifications for Networks. And receive the following messages when value triggered:


Subject : DHCP high threshold crossed


Message: DHCP high threshold crossed:

  Range: {IP Range}///

  High Trigger Mark: 90%

  High Reset Mark: 80%

  Current Usage: 90%

  Active Leases: 10

  Available Leases: 1

  Total Addresses: 11


Reporting: DHCP

Node: {Ip addr}

Time: Fri Nov 24 12:26:52 2017


Do you know if it is possible to change Subject and Body of this message? I wold like to add some Extensible attrubutes in order to have more information about subnets.


Thank you.

Re: DHCP treshhold notification body

AMani Community Manager
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Unfortunately this is not possible with any versions of NIOS. You may contact your Accounts team to prioritize the feature request "RFE-4736 - Customer wants to see EAs associated with Network/Ranges in SMTP/email alerts, related to high thresholds".




Re: DHCP treshhold notification body

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Thank you for usefull comment.I will take it into account.

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