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DIW Strange Import

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Hi everyone,

I am writing to you because I have a problem with the DIW import tool. Currently I have 2 views that have the same area (yes, it is not ideal, but I must keep it that way, it's for geolocation). When I import with the tool for zone A it creates me well the records (CNAME or HOST ALIAS only) but for the zone B it only creates to me NS as if it wanted to make a delegation towards the other view. But in my case, there are ACLs on the views, so the NS will not work. So, I would like to know what to do because I have tried almost all the options I think (even advanced)

To remember the configuration is the following on the bind:

  • View A:
    • zone, file
    • BUT ALSO :
      • zone, file
      • zone, file
    • View B:
      • zone, file
      • BUT ALSO :
        • zone, file
        • zone, file

Thank you in advance!

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