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I saw the post already that suggested making a bind entry and then importing.  I do not understand how I can import a zone without overwriting the existing zone.  Is there a way through the API that I can add a DKIM TXT record where the text is larger than 255 bytes.  I tried through csv import and it fails due to invalid text.

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TXT records can only contain substrings up to 255 bytes. This total substring length should not be exceeded by more than 512 bytes. Since the TXT value is 2048 bit (256 bytes) and is greater than TXT length limit, it triggers an "Invalid text string" error message. As a resolution, you can try to split the record into two with quotes (") and spaces.


We already have a KB regarding the same in our support site.


Do let us know if it helps.


Note: This applies regardless to whether you are adding the record using the API or GUI.
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Re: DKIM 2048 bits

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For anyone else with this issue of a DKIM value that exceeds 255 chars ,

You have to add the record and split each 255 chars string (or less) with quotes and a space however once you save this record, infoblox appears to remove the quotes from the second string however this validates publicly.



You can add it by doing the following

Add your TXT record by putting quotes around each 255 chars string (or less) as shown below:




Add TXT Record 


Name: something._domainkey



"v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=string_should_not exceed_255_chars_within_first_quotes" "the_rest_of_the_Dkim_Value"


Hope this saves someone the time I invested in working this out myself Smiley Happy 

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