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Hello everyone,,,

I am a newbie to the Infoblox, I have a customer who wants to setup Infoblox DNSsec in HA. I see an option to connect the LAN2 port to enable port level redundancy. In the same tab, I can also see a checkbox  to enable " use LAN1 always when available". I don't indent to use separate IP address for LAN1 & LAN2. As per some Infoblox docs, I can see the LAN1 port is active as long as it is available 


  • What is the level port redundancy that can be achieved with LAN2. Does these ports always act as active/standby, where the standby is always down or is there any active/active scenario
  • Is it only port redundancy or is there any port bundling
  • What should be the configuration on the other side, ( docs say just enable only the VLAN & no other configuration required)
  • How much time does the LAN2 port wait to see if the LAN1 is down, to take over as the active port
  • If the LAN1 comes back up, does it automatically take over or is the check box required" use LAN1 always when available"

Thanks in advance.

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