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DNS Server does not resolve new generic Top Level Domain names- CNR configuration issue?

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I am not sure if this is the correct community to post this question, but I will give it a try. I noticed that the users of my network cannot resolve web sites using new top level domain names, like ".education", ".international", etc. I have an internal DNS server made by Infoblox and a Cisco CNR v6.3.3.1 as an external DNS server. Infoblox uses CNR as its forwarder and CNR uses the root DNS servers for queries.

I would think that CNR was the problem because it is an obsolete product but after speaking with a fellow engineer at another organization where they still use an older version of CNR than mine, they have no problems at all. So now I am thinking it is a setting either on Infoblox, or on CNR I need to change. I can see Infoblox is forwarding the requests to CNR but that's about it. I am not sure if CNR is discarding the request. When I do an nslookup from a PC in my network it does not matter if I set my DNS server to be the Infoblox or the CNR. Neither resolves the URL.

Then again, no matter what I lookup using the CNR as my DNS, I only get a response with the root DNS names and IPs!

Any help is appreciated!


Are you blocking any of the

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Are you blocking any of the IP in the list of authoritative servers?  They are the same for education. and international.

international.          86400   IN      NS      demand.gamma.aridns.net.au.
international.          86400   IN      NS      demand.delta.aridns.net.au.
international.          86400   IN      NS      demand.beta.aridns.net.au.
international.          86400   IN      NS      demand.alpha.aridns.net.au.

demand.beta.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN      A
demand.beta.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN      AAAA    2001:dcd:2::7
demand.alpha.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     A
demand.alpha.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     AAAA    2001:dcd:1::7
demand.delta.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     A
demand.delta.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     AAAA    2001:dcd:4::7
demand.gamma.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     A
demand.gamma.aridns.net.au. 3575 IN     AAAA    2001:dcd:3::7

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