DNS configuration

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Lo que necesitamos es que cuando un usuario quiera acceder a una URL Pública Específica el infoblox le entregue una IP interna que será un virtual server del F5. Este con posterioridad ejecutará las operaciones para llegar al sitio real.


Me ayudan porfa a entender y configurar

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English please!!!

Re: DNS configuration

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I tried Google translate and this is what I get:


What we need is that when a user wants to access a Specific Public URL the infoblox will deliver an internal IP that will be a virtual server of the F5. This will later execute the operations to reach the real site.


Please correct me if this is wrong.


For this particular requirement, Infoblox has two options:


1. Blacklist (No additional license required)


Step1: Creating Blacklist Ruleset 


Navigate to Data Management -> DNS -> Blacklist ruleset -> Click on '+' -> Give a name to the blacklist ruleset (assume "test") and save


Step2: Creating Blacklist Rule


Use the following CSV Import format to have the blacklist rules imported to the ruleset with "REDIRECT" option.





Step3: Enabling Blacklist


Navigate to Data Management -> DNS -> Grid DNS Properties (right side toolbar) -> Toggle Advance Mode (if in Basic mode) -> Blacklist ->  Enable Domain Name Blacklist -> Click on '+' -> For blacklisted domain names, return -> This list of IP addresses ->  Redirect to: -> Enter F5 IP address. -> Save and Close -> Restart DNS service.



2. RPZ (DNS Firewall license required)



Step1: Add a Local Response Policy Zone if one does not already exist (leave the policy override set to "None (Given)") and assign it to your name servers which should enforce this redirect.


Data Management -> DNS -> Response Policy Zones -> Click on '+' -> Add Local Response Policy Zone -> Give any name(assume "test") -> Select Policy Override as None Given -> Select/Assign the set of Name Servers which should enforce this redirect -> Save and Close

Step2: Within the local policy that you want to use, click on the Add menu, expand the "Substitute (Record) Rule" and select "Substitute (A record) Rule"


Step3: In the Name* field, enter the domain name in concern. E.g. ""


Step4: In the IP Address** field, enter the F5 server IP address


Step5: Click on the Save and close

Restart DNS service.




Let me know if this helps!








Re: DNS configuration

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Thanks AMani, 

I have not set up the equipment yet, but I will take it into consideration

Re: DNS configuration

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Sorry harry, my english is not very good

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