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I have a couple of questions with regards to running DNS on infoblox, I am particularly new to the platform and we are looking at removing DNS service off the MS domain controllers and moving it to Infoblox in future.


1) We have conditional forwarders configured in our current setup, is forward zone in infoblox the equivalent of conditional forwarders in MS?


2) We are trying to setup DNS in a lab setup on an Infoblox VM.At this point, we are looking at an interim hybrid solution where MS and infoblox coexist and the infoblox device participates as a dns server.To accomplish this , I am creating zones -same name as on the DCs, importing data using zone import option (also allowed zone transfer on the DC), configuring active directory for the zone to allow updates from DCs and lastly allowing the dhcp server ( same infoblox vm) to send DDNS updates to the DNS server.Are these steps correct ? In this case, if I add a new record on my Infoblox VM will those be replicated to other DCs? Or is my infoblox VM serving only as a secondary dns server here that has a read only copy of the database and is updated with the new entries made in the DCs because I have enabled 'configure active directory' option for the zones?


3) I was planning on doing an import zone of each  MS reverse zone as well, but as soon as I create a reverse zone having the same name as the MS reverse zone, it automatically gets populated with the PTR records probably because I checked ' Create PRT records for host records if necessary ' option while importing zones.Is that the best practice? Or should I do an 'import zone' of the reverse zones as well?


4)How can  I know if all records have been imported via 'Import zone'? The admin guide says a confirmation message appears upon completion but I did not see any in my case.


5) If i create a zone in infoblox having the same name as an existing MS zone and configureActive Directory for it, will it be able to pull the existing zone data from the DCs ? Or the existing data has to be imported via 'Import zone' and 'configure AD' option is only for any further updates from that point on?


Thanks in advance.




Re: DNS on Infoblox

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Re 1) Yes correct.


Re 2) When you import the Zones via 'Import Zone' from the Toolbar, you basically have made Infblox the Authoritative Master of the Zone. If you do not delete it on MS as the next step, you basically have created a second Master - hence two parallel systems. So no auto-sync or anything. You would need to delete the zone on MS and re-add as Secondary zone.



Re 3) All Records imported as Host, will automatically have a PTR Record. Once you add the zone, it is populated.


Re 4) NIOS will not tell you. You need to run a script or any kind off diff to do the verification based e.g on a zone transfer (MS vs Infoblox). 'Import Zone' should only be used for a small zones with a few hundret records. Rather use Infoblox Data Import Wizard (DIW -


Re 5) Only if you add it as Secondary Zone with an 'External Primary'. Then NIOS will pull the zone automatically from MS. But that does not help you much when you actually want to migrate the zone.



Generally I would STRONGLY recommend that you should engagne with Infoblox Professional Services to get help with the data migration.


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