DNS response based on source network address

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We'd like to shutdown our Legacy DNS from a different subnet as the Infoblox appliances. Is it possible to configure Infoblox loopback with the legacy DNS but from a different subnet? With the setting not allowing me to add a default gateway, how will I be able to route to this interface to continue responding to devices that have hardcoded IP's of the legacy DNS servers?



Re: DNS response based on source network address

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Not sure if this is what you are looking for but there is a setting that allows you to listen on multiple IP's. If you go into Data Management > DNS > Members and edit the members individually, look under the Advanced Tab and you will find a field that allows you to set multiple IP's to listen on. 


Also, if you want DNS to respond with different IP's based on view you can find that in the views settings.

Re: DNS response based on source network address

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It definitely is possible, just to add a bit more to the previous answer : 


Since a loopback is just that (meaning a /32 address, and thus witout any gateway), you will have to add a static route poiting to your device main IP address on the Infoblox gateway router and make sure this route is advertised on all yor routers.


It might also be possible to use the routing features of the Infoblox (using the anycast configuration) to advertise the loopback address but I never tried.


As mentionned, don't forget to add the loopback addres using the "Listen on these additional IP addresses" option of the DNS member.

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