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DTC and Conditional forwarders

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I have DTC running on my Grid Master and a Master candidate; they are authoritative for all of my zones. (they are hidden masters)


However, i also have external facing BIND servers that are slaves to the the infoblox Grid. 


The problem however is the DTC LBDN does not get delivered to these BIND servers. possibly because of the DTC limitation 


- DTC Traffic control results are not produced for zones using AXFR, regardless of whether or not the primary member is in the grid. 


I was wondering if there is a work around this. I have already tried setting up conditional forwarder rule on the BIND servers for that LBDN and it still fails. 


Anyone ever encountered this and is there a workaround?



Re: DTC and Conditional forwarders

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What you can do is create an A record (or HOST) for the DTC records.  The DTC enabled systems will "obscure" the DNS entries but those records will be available for zone-xfer to the BIND secondaries.  In the GUI, you'll see that the records are obscured as the text will be stricken.


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.56.28 PM.png


In that specific example, requests for www.<your-zone> will be answered on Infoblox members with whatever you configure behind the DTC LBDN record.  Infoblox DTC licensed members will not use the HOST record.  The BIND servers will not transfer the DTC LBDN record information but will transfer the HOST record.  You can specify the same or different resources for use by the BIND name server but they won't be DTC load balanced.



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