Database Over Capacity is over the Threshold Value

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Dear all, 


We added a new Master Candidate (IB-820) as a master candidate in a existing Grid. The Grid Master is an IB-1550-A.


When we added the 820 as a Master Candidate we saw the following message:


229% - Database capacity used is over threshold value


I did a Capacity report on the 1550 and on 820 and i can see the same values. Then i understand all objects exist in the 820 too.


Then the question is... what means this message, and how it can affect us if the Master device goes down?



Re: Database Over Capacity is over the Threshold Value

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Community Manager
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The 820 is too small to hold all the data in your grid.


if there is a failover to the GMC, the 820 will work, but it may be slow to respond. It just depends on how the GM is used on a daily basis, and what functions it is performing.

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