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Delete an Alias created on Host Object.

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How can I delete an Alias which is associated with a Host Object.
I have a host object and two aliases are exisiting in this Host itself. I wan to delete one Alias without distubing the other Alias or Host Object itself (which is having both aliases).

I have been deleting Cname records which were having Alias and the canonical name of the object to which it poits. This can be done by passing the reference of the Cname object.

Is it possible to get hold of reference of the Alias and then delete it?


Re: Delete an Alias created on Host Object.

GHorne Community Manager
Community Manager
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edit the host object.


you should see the aliases that are associated with it.


unfortunately, you can't seatch for hosts by their alias names.


Re: Delete an Alias created on Host Object.

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You didn't specify if you needed to do this from the admin console, or from the API.


From the admin console, simply edit the Host record, go to the Alias tab, select the checkbox next to the Alias you want to delete, and delete it, save and close the Host object.


From the WAPI, you need to first read all the Host record's Aliases, then write ALL of them back out again, minus the Alias you want to delete, of course.


I would be VERY helpful if there was a WAPI call to add, delete or modify a Host record's Aliases, but unfortunately, there isn't.  The requires a bit of extra coding on your part.


Hope that helped.




Re: Delete an Alias created on Host Object.

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Hi Tim,


I am looking for the code to delete a particular alias among many from a host, through API call. Could you please help. I am using vb script write now. Thanks!

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