Delete several host with csv

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We need to delete a lot hosts with import csv. 

- The first item is that we don´t know if we have to use add or delete import. 

- The second item, is that if we need to use la word False in column configure_for_dns*. 


Thanks in advance.


Re: Delete several host with csv

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To delete objects with CSV, you only have to include the Required fields in your CSV file.  For Hosts objects, the required fields are:

  • HostRecord (the first column/field)
  • fqdn

So, all you need is a 2 column/field CSV file with the FQDNs of the of the Hosts.


!NOTE:  If your Hosts are *not* in the 'default' DNS view, you need to include the 'view' column and make sure the value of that column specifies the DNS view for the Host.  It is a best practice to always include the View column just to be safe.


Use Delete as the action for the import.





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