Developing a desktop Java DNS RESOLVER

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Good day to you.

Am a developer and am working on a DNS resolver (Desktop application). The idea in the project is basically DNS interception and redirection.

When a user program queries a DNS (, the desktop application is to intercept the URL , redirect it to another DNS server
and send back the request to the user program .


Morealso, since every system has a DNS setting how do i make the application am developing to be the DEFAULT
DNS RESOLVER of the system.


My programming language is Java, do want which java DNS resolver i should use and how do i integrate it into my application.

Am making use of Standard Widget Toolkit for the GUI DESIGN.

thank you for your response

Re: Developing a desktop Java DNS RESOLVER

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Clients use a 'stub resolver' for the handling of DNS queries. In order to accomplish what you are looking to do here, you would need to consult with the vendor for the operating system that you are looking to write the application for in order to identify a way to supercede the built in resolver. This may not be an easy task as this would probably also be treated as a malicious application by many different security applications which are commonly installed on client PC's.

Re: Developing a desktop Java DNS RESOLVER

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Correct, but if your application is just to run on your computer where you will provide exceptions with the security applications, you can give the resolver as a loopback Ip and listen on port 53 and process them as you wish


Easier said than done!!




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