Device Discovery and Assets

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I'm continuing down the Network Insight road, and at present, I've discovered approximately 800 switches and routers and things..  I can see the components and the interfaces in both the GUI and via the API.  I'm running the discovery process with defaults, version is v.7.3.4

I also see in the GUI, something called Assets, which in simple terms, are the things attached to a given device via an interface.  So, for an access switch, I'd see the servers, PCs, laptops, printers, access points, etc, essentially any DHCP client, and often some statics as well.


That all is great, but I have two issues.  First, I don't seem to see a means of getting this data out of the API.  It looks like it is subservient to the discovery:device object, much like the interface object, but I cannot find a means of getting a list of assets associated with a device.  At present I am using 32 DHCP routers as seeds, but I expect to increase this substantially.

At this point, I'm not sure if I should expect discovered end-user devices to show up as independent discovery:device objects of just as assets associated with other previously discovered devices, such as routers and switches.

Additionally, when I'm looking at the Assets tab of a device in the GUI, 99.9% of my devices do not have names, even though the devices are defined in either DNS or DHCP, or both.  Is there some set of optimal parameters to get the host name of an asset to populate?

I have been contacted by a coupel of Mac users wanting to know why I'm port-scanning their machines, but I'm not consciously doing so, as that option is disabled for the discovery process.

Re: Device Discovery and Assets

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I added NetBIOS Scanning, and still see no host names for the bulk of the equipment. 

Re: Device Discovery and Assets

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Hello Fitzie,


I'm starting my own journey to Network Insight, and I also met device type and naming problem.

Printers are detected as routers.

Names are unknown for a lot of equipments.


Did you find any tip regarding the name or type dectection ?



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