Device management interface

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Hi infoblox Experts Community,


I have some infoblox appliances, and they have four interfaces each one: LAN1, MGMT, LAN2, and HA Interfaces.


We want to use the mgmt interface for management traffic and the LAN1 for operational traffic.


As I know we have to configure a MGMT gateway, and also configure a default gateway for traffic that goes through the LAN1 interface, so I beleive that I have to configure a static route for the management traffic because we could have some routing issues.


Is that correct?

Re: Device management interface

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Yes, you will need to do routes for anything that needs to go over the MGMT interface, outside of any directly-connected subnets, or else the default route for LAN1 will be used.  To do so, go to Grid->Grid Manager->Members, make sure Advanced Mode is toggled (upper left of the dialog box), then edit the member in question, and add the routes under Network->Advanced. 
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