Dhcp ddns option and dns grid properties updates option

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We have grid master running dns and dhcp. I added DC ip in updates section in dns grid properties and the logs was appearing as denied from all the client machines and the dynamic records was not updated . Once i set the updates acl to any then the updates was working and can see the dynamic records in dns .

M confused between the two options i.e ddns updates in dhcp option n dns update option in dns grid properties.

Should we keep the dns update option as any or i have to enable ddns update in dhcp option as well as the permanent solution....

The zone transfer is configured and added DC IP but forwarding is not enabled ... also on DC the zone is not enabled and now it is secondary zone and we cannot see any dynamic records in secondary DNS i.e Microsoft dns

Plz advise what is the best option to configure to get the ddns .. can the client itself provide the dns updates the ways it is configured now will that work ?? As we have plan to remove dns server on Microsoft and only keep infoblox as dns
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