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We are using Infoblox for the first time and it looks like the feature we want to use "Discover Now" is greyed out. Is there a setting that I need to change to make this work. We inherited this from another team that didn't have time to do anything but the initial setup so we're behind the 8 ball so to speak.

Re: Discover Now Greyed out.

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There are a couple of different things that may be causing this. Depending on where you are looking at, the Discover Now option is only used with Network Insight. If you do not have a Network Insight server in your Grid, then this would be expected.


If you do have a Network Insight server, then the service may need to be enabled, or the user account that you are logged in with does not have the permissions required to run this.


The section titled "Discovering Devices and Networks" in the chapter titled "Infoblox Network Insight" describes how to enable and use these options.


The other option is that the IPAM Discovery Manager has not been configured. Refer to the section titled "Configuring and Starting an IP discovery" in the chapter titled "Configuring IP Discovery" in the NIOS Administrators Guide for more information regarding this.


If you continue to have any issues, I may also recommend opening a case with Infoblox Support to review it further.




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