Discovery Manager - Import Networks

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Hi all


Is it possible to import networks in "Discovery Manager" from CSV for scheduled discovery ? Actually we have a lot of networks and to add them manuely would not be perfect. Even containers can not be added. Only possible via API?


Or do we need "Network Insight" for that?


Many thanks!




Re: Discovery Manager - Import Networks

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I'm afraid this is possible only by using the API, even if you have Network Ingisht... but this is one of the features I would like to see in newer NIOS versions.


This is the script I use to perform this task. A few instructions before using:

0.1: This is a perl script, so prepare your machine to run it by installing the module and 

Crypt-SSLeay package.


1. create manually a scheduled discovery job with at least one network on IPAM

2. Update the script with IP and GM credentials

3. Update the @network_array variable with all the desired networks to be discovered using the format detailed in the script (all networks must exist on IPAM). Do not insert the network used to create the discovery job.

4. Run it on a command prompt.


Please feel free to reply it if you have issues.


Have fun!



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