Discovery problem with infoblox express

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Hi All,

I downloaded and installed InfobloxIPAMExpress201402. It is running on VMware workstaion 8. The networking for infoblox guest selected as Bridged. it is getting the DHCP IP address on the same network as my PC. I can access web interface and run the discovery but the infoblox cannot see anything on the network. I've tried selecitng the single IP address on the same subnet and manually ping it. Request time out.When i ping the same IP address from my PC, I get a reply.


What am I missing?


Re: Discovery problem with infoblox express

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Double check the Bridge to settings within the Virtual Network Editor to see that its set to Automatic as sometimes (especially with laptops) you can set it to one interface like WIreless and if you're on WIred it won't work.  It definitely sounds like that may be part of the issue.


Another way to test things would be to try setting it to NAT and then see if it gets a DHCP address in the networking world of your VMWare Workstation.  If it does and it can then ping outbound to various networks in your environment, then you should definitely double check the Bridge network settings on VMWare on how its connecting.

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