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Downgrade and https access lost

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I'm working for a customer, and we did a downgrade to nios-6.8.2-214008-2013-08-15-17-49-50_x86_64.bin because the main grid it's using that version, the device is a 820 and theorically it's supported... 


The process seems to works fine but after the reboot we lost the access via HTTPS... Have any one any idea about wich procedure we can follor to check "remotely" it the device it's KO, completly KO....


I post this here, because the contact with Support Services is through the customer and they need a lot of time for openning a new case...


Thank you very much!

Re: Downgrade and https access lost

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Have you tried doing a reset on it? I have downgraded 820's before and not had this problem. What about http? ssh?

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Re: Downgrade and https access lost

Moderator Dave_Signori
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You posted this in the NCCM forum.  You may want to post in the DNS DHCP IPAM forum.


Re: Downgrade and https access lost

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Were you actully able to make member join the grid or not after downgrade?

You lost GUI access immidiatly after downgrade of after you make member join the grid?




Re: Downgrade and https access lost

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I would try accessing the device via SSH or console.


I assume you want to join this device to the existing grid. If so, I would start by issuing the "show network" command, to make sure the network settings are accurate. Update if needed with "set network". Once network settings are verified and, if needed, updated run a "set membership". Watching the join attempt via console can be helpful should the join fail.


Should all of the above fail I would reset the appliance with a "reset database" command, then proceed as above.

Support Engineer
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